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Get A VC Job.
Or A Faster Promotion.

You get mentored through the critical tasks that experienced VCs do. Including the technical ones.


An 8-Week Program mixing self-study and live e-mentoring sessions.

My objective: make you “combat-ready” to nail your VC interviews (for Aspiring VCs), or get a faster promotion by mastering Senior VC knowledge (for Junior VCs).

Week 0

Is This The RIght Program For Me?

I meet with all our mentees to understand your motivations and how far you are in your journey. We also discuss the points on which you want to get more mentoring. 

Type: Mentoring – 30 minutes – Individual 

Week 0
Week 1

What Do VCs Do?

A deep dive into the world of VCs, from deal flow generation to exiting portfolio companies. The VC Cycle will have no secrets for you. (Full syllabus here.)

Type: Self-Learning

Week 1
Week 2

How VC Funds Work

Excel-based workshop to build the financial model for a VC fund, including management fees and carried interest.

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 2
Week 3

Startup Valuation

Excel-based workshop to understand how VCs value startups. We will use the VC Method and the Equity % approach to analyze which elements impact valuation the most. 

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 3
Week 4

Preferred Shares & SAFEs

Excel-based workshop to help you understand how the most used instruments in VC impact dilution and exit outcomes.  

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 4
Week 5

VC Term Sheets

Understand the major clauses of the VC term sheet, which ones can be negotiated, and how. (Full syllabus here.)

Type: Self-Learning

Week 5
Week 6

Startup Boards

Understand the dynamics of a Board of Directors, learn best practices to shine and be considered a valued member. (Full syllabus here.)

Type: Self-Learning

Week 6
Week 7

Validate Learning: A Case Study

You will apply your newly-acquired knowledge to a proprietary case study bringing forth a complex situation for a VC firm. You will role-play to solve the case.

Type: Self-Learning + Group Mentoring (90 minutes)

Week 7
Week 8

Get A VC Job

Reserved for Aspiring VCs, this session helps you build your strategy to contact investors and get interviews.

Type: Self-Learning + Individual Mentoring (60 minutes)

Week 8

Self-Learning Format

You will prepare the live e-mentoring sessions by watching recorded videos on all the topics mentioned above.

Here’s an example.

E-mentoring sessions

You will have e-mentoring sessions with me to ask questions and make sure you progress towards your goals.

Some of these sessions will take the form of a Group Zoom Webinar so that you can share your experience with other VCs all over the world. And benefit from their best practices, too.

Mentoring doesn’t stop at the end of the VC Career Accelerator program! 

As an Alumni, you remain part of our program until you find a VC job so that you can share your tips & tricks, frustration (it happens), get further coaching on specific issues, and learn from new content we create all year-long.

Pricing & FAQ

Choose the plan that is best suited to your needs. Let us know if you have any questions (see also the Frequently Asked Questions section below.)







Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need prior knowledge of Venture Capital to start the course. We cover the basics but also go into pretty advanced stuff. You will learn the most technical aspects with me, and I’ll also share the best sources around (the Blog is a good place to start.)

You can ask all your questions during the mentoring sessions or via the platform’s messaging system.

Most of what I cover is advanced stuff that doesn’t exist anywhere else (a full video-based course explaining every clause in the term sheet?! That’s right).

Only the first module may be redundant, although I’m willing to bet you’ll learn something there too.  In any case, you can watch the self-learning videos at your own pace. 

I’ve recruited and trained many junior investors over the years, so I understand where you are when you’ve been less than 2-3 years into the job.

I’ve been doing group trainings online way before the pandemic (since 2018). I noticed that participants learn a lot from each other too, and built this platform to maximize touch points between them. 

Cohorts are kept relatively small (5 to 10 learners on average) to maximize talk time and mentoring impact. And maximize networking opportunity for you.

Finally, I am always careful to avoid placing potentially competing individuals in the same cohort. You can always ask to be moved to another group.

Our participants come from all over the world, from Mexico to the Philippines and South Africa to Finland. The most represented groups are from the US, France, the UK, and India.

The language we use in English.

Live sessions generally take place in the morning US West Coast time, noon for East Coast, late afternoon in Europe, and in the evening in Asia. If you miss a live session, no worries, you can join the next one we hold on the same topic.

We create homogeneous cohorts by time zones and run adapted schedules whenever possible.

I wrote a proprietary case study mixing several real-life situations to help you consolidate your learning experience (see Week 7 in the program schedule).

Participants completing the Extended plan will have a dedicated “Demo Day” page on our platform, which will be pushed to over 6,000 active investors opening our newsletter and 3,000 investors in my LinkedIn network. 


We welcome participants on a rolling basis. 

You can submit your application by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button.


I’ve been teaching the “Venture Capital” course to students of the MSc in International Finance at HEC Paris since 2016. They have been ranked #1 in the world by the Financial Times for years and more and more of my alumni have entered PE & VC jobs in recent years.  

Here’s what they say about it. 

What You Get

An unparalleled mentoring experience to get a shot at one of the most sought-after jobs in the world today, or the opportunity to Wow your partners with knowledge beyond your years.

Mentoring That Matters

Because you learn the "basics" in our videos, the mentoring sessions are laser-focused on your real road blocks.

A Unique Toolkit

You will walk out of each mentoring session with a tangible deliverable: template for a VC fund's financial projections, Valuation Model, Prefs & SAFEs dilution models.

A supportive community

Join a community of Aspiring VCs and Junior VCs all over the world to share tips and business opportunities.

You want to test it first?

I hold live streams on all these topics most Tuesdays. 

It’s a good opportunity for you to make sure I know what I’m talking about, and have a practical, from-the-field approach to mentoring.

70%-80% of vc's add negative value to startups.

Vinod Khosla

Khosla Ventures

(Don’t be one of them!)


Here are some videos to show you my approach to training. Enjoy!

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