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Startup Funding & Venture Capital
reach your goals. Get Help.
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Raising Funds?
We provide personalized mentoring.
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Getting A VC Job?
We take you to the threshold.
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New Angel Investor?
Learn the tricks from the best.

startup & VC mentoring are dead.


Mentoring in the fast-paced startup/VC world requires specific skills and features. It’s not like coaching executives in established firms. Founders want visible results, quickly. We created a whole array of formats on key topics such as raising VC money, getting a VC job, and doing angel investing right. We get it. We are founders, VCs and Angels, too.

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Add some rock & roll to your life. Pump up the volume, your colleagues will love it. You can also visit our YouTube channel while you’re at it. We have great videos there, too.

Online Courses

Thorough learning experience with top-quality deliverables.


Weekly emails with mixed media content and actionable tasks.


Daily text messages delivered to your smartphone.

We Offer a variety of unique formats.

because everyone learns differently.

We are at the forefront of learning technologyAll our formats benefit from mentoring. Whether live or recorded, one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many, you will find a methodology that suits your needs.

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So... why us?

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You knew it was coming. So here’s the sales pitch. There are many more reasons than just these three. We made sure you had access to plenty of free content to make up your mind.


Efficient Mentoring.

We leverage the latest tools to make tested techniques work in the fast-paced Startup/VC environment.


Results. Fast.

You learn the theory through our online tools so we can focus on value-add tasks when we talk.


Actionable Deliverables.

You will walk out of here with your pitch deck, your interview guideline, your investing strategy or any other deliverable that will help you succeed.

what they say about us.

Get on board and you will be writing us a nice review in no time.

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Venture capital has grown into a mature asset class over the last 20 years. There is so much content today, it has become difficult to make sense of it. We blend the acquisition of knowledge and e-mentoring for a longer-lasting, more efficient learning experience.

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