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Raise Funds To Grow Your Startup.

You get mentored through the fundraising process, from validating your VC-eligibility to negotiating term sheets with VCs.


A 10-Week Program mixing self-study and live e-mentoring sessions.

My objective: make you “combat-ready” to go out there, impress investors, and get your funding done.

Week 0

Am I Eligible For VC Money?

I use my proprietary VC-Bankability Audit to assess how likely you are to attract private investors (angels or institutional VC firms). We will then debrief it together.

Type: Mentoring – 30 minutes – Individual 

Week 0
Week 1

How Much Can I Raise?

Understand how VCs will assess the adequation of your funding ask relative to your development stage.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 1
Week 2

What's My Startup's Valuation?

Learn which elements VCs are going to analyze to value your startup, and how you can optimize that valuation.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 2
Week 3

Build Your Startup's Financials

A practical Excel-based session to build an Income Statement and a Cash Flow Forecast in the format VCs expect. We will also validate your funding needs and valuation.

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 3
Week 4

Which Investors Shall I Target, And How?

Learn how to find the right investors for your startup and the most effective ways to contact them.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 4
Week 5

How Can I Pitch Investors Optimally?

Best practices from the field to pitch like a god. Make sure you attract investor’s interest and get a second meeting.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 5
Week 6

Pitch Practice #1

Pitch your Problem, Solution, and Market Pages to the group and get/give feedback.

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 6
Week 7

How To Accelerate Fundraising?

Avoid the 7 mistakes that considerably slow down or entirely derail the majority of funding road shows.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 7
Week 8

How Can I Best Negotiate The Term Sheet?

Understand the major clauses of the VC term sheet, which ones can be negotiated, and how.

Type: Self-Learning

Week 8
Week 9

What Do I Need To Know About Prefs & SAFEs?

Excel-based workshop to help you understand how the instruments VCs use all the time will impact your dilution and exit outcomes.  

Type: Mentoring – 90 minutes – Group

Week 9
Week 10

Pitch Practice #2

Pitch your full deck and discuss your investors’ list, fundraising strategy, and all other funding-related questions you may have.

Type: Mentoring – 60 minutes – Individual

Week 10

Self-Learning Format

You will prepare the live e-mentoring sessions by watching recorded live streams on all the topics mentioned above.

Here’s an example (starts at 0’36).

E-mentoring sessions

You will have e-mentoring sessions with me so you can ask questions and make sure you progress towards your goals.

Some of these sessions will take the form of a Group Zoom Webinar, so you can share your experience with other fundraising Founders all over the world. And benefit from their best practices, too.

Mentoring doesn’t stop at the end of the Funding Accelerator program! 

I hold monthly “Update Calls” by video conference reserved to Funding Accelerator Alumni, so you can share your tips & tricks, frustration (it happens), and get further coaching on specific issues (60 minutes / Group).

Pricing & FAQ

Choose the plan that is best suited to your needs. Let us know if you have any questions (see also the Frequently Asked Questions section below.)








Frequently Asked Questions

You need a basic understanding of what Venture Capital is and why startups raise money. You will learn the technical stuff with me, and I’ll also share the best sources around (the Blog is a good place to start.)

You can ask all your questions during the mentoring sessions or via the platform’s messaging system.

Both. Although there are differences between a Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A round, the ultimate logic is the same: convince an investor to put money in your startup. I’ll address the differences during our sessions.

As much as possible, you will be placed in homogeneous cohorts.

I’ve been doing group trainings online way before the pandemic (since 2018). I noticed that participants learn a lot from each other too, and built this platform to maximize touch points between them. 

Cohorts are kept relatively small (5 to 10 startups on average) to maximize talk time and mentoring impact.

Finally, I am always careful to avoid placing potentially competing startups in the same cohort. You can always ask to be moved to another group.

Our participants come from all over the world, from Mexico to the Philippines and South Africa to Finland. The most represented groups are from the US, France, the UK, and India.

The language we use in English.

Live sessions generally take place in the morning US West Coast time, noon for East Coast, late afternoon in Europe, and in the evening in Asia. If you miss a live session, no worries, you can join the next one we hold on the same topic.

We create homogeneous cohorts by time zones and run adapted schedules whenever possible.

We run a separate 6-week program to help you craft an insanely effective pitch deck. You do a couple of pages every week and post them online, so I can provide feedback on each page.

Participants completing the Extended plan will have a dedicated Demo Day page on our platform, which will be pushed to over 6,000 active investors opening our newsletter and 3,000 investors in my LinkedIn network. 

Sign up now!

Sign up now so we let you know when the next cohort starts. You’ll also benefit from an early-bird discount.

Let us know if you have any questions, click here.


The IoT Valley is the leading cluster on the Internet of Things in France. 10 Founders from 7 startups went through the online pitching program and presented to Investors on the last day.

Here’s what they had to say about it. 

What You Get

An unparalleled mentoring experience to achieve one of the hardest milestones in startup growth.

Mentoring That Matters

Because you learn the "basics" in our videos, the mentoring sessions are laser-focused on your real road blocks.

A Unique Toolkit

You will walk out of each mentoring session with a tangible deliverable: template P&L and CF Forecast, Valuation Model, Prefs & SAFEs dilution model.

A supportive community

Join a community of fundraising Founders all over the world to share tips and get a fresh perspective on your business.

You want to test it first?

I hold live streams on all these topics most Tuesdays. 

It’s a good opportunity for you to make sure I know what I’m talking about, and have a practical, from-the-field approach to mentoring.

Let’s talk about your pitch deck!

The Pitch Fix is a free, 30-min, 1-on-1 video conference to talk about your pitch deck and fundraising strategy.  

Understanding the basics of venture capital may prevent raising too much/too little or taking institutional money at the wrong time.

Chad Powell

BloomThat (YC - S13)


Here are some videos to show you my approach to training. Enjoy!

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