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Course content is adapted for all types of learners including founders, executives, and students (MSc & MBAs).

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We customize content to your needs: quizzes, challenges, assignments, reports, and more. Offline sessions can be arranged, too.

Group Learning

Learners are placed in dedicated groups to favor homogeneity of learning and interactions on our social platform.

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Manage your budget: we offer flexible pricing per learner and cap total payments. Choose your plan below.

Create a vc-ready pitch deck

How Does it Work?

Step 1

On-premise workshop to introduce the VC pitch deck, illustrate with a collaborative case study on the Problem/Solution page, and familiarize with the TytchMe Academy e-learning platform.

Step 2

Learners progress through the online courses (videos, articles, quizzes, etc.) at their own pace. Each week, they produce a pitch deck page and post it on the platform. They keep improving it thanks to our feedback from experienced VCs.

Webinars held weekly on each pitch deck page. Learners view each other’s pages and give/receive feedback too.

Step 3

Pitch in front of a jury composed of financial investors (business angels, venture capitalists) and funded entrepreneurs.

Session is filmed and feedback is made to improve delivery and posture. 

Case Study: IoT Valley


IoT Valley is a leading Internet of Things accelerator based in Toulouse, France, where global IoT network leader Sigfox is headquartered. Its partners include prestigious names such as Microsoft, BNP Paribas and Carrefour. 

15 entrepreneurs recently completed our Create A VC-Ready Pitch Deck course over six weeks, pitching investors and fundraised entrepreneurs at the end of the program. Play the video for more details.

Choose the perfect plan For YOU

Plans are exclusively reserved to group purchases of 10 learners or more. Perfect for startup accelerators, fairs and events organizers, corporate universities and education institutions. 



Per learner

  • 100% Online
  • 50 Learners Limit
  • Teacher Monitoring
  • 3 Months Availability
  • $1,900 Cap
  • No Webinars
  • No Custom Reports



Per learner

  • 100% Online
  • No Learners Limit
  • Teacher Monitoring
  • 1 Year Availability
  • $2,900 Cap
  • Webinars
  • Custom Reports



Per learner

  • Online + Offline
  • No Learners Limit
  • Flexible Monitoring
  • Unlimited Availability
  • $4,900 Cap
  • Webinars
  • Custom Reports

Frequently asked questions

It’s very easy. We create a dedicated group for your learners and manage their progress week by week. Depending on your plan, you receive learner progress reports. Learners can access the platform at any time, both on desktop and mobile. They learn at their pace.

At the moment, only our “Create A VC-Ready Pitch Deck” course is available for group purchase. As you can see, the above-mentioned plans represent only a fraction of what the bundle course would cost to individual learners.

You get more content and more service for a lower price. We are happy to work with institutions as we believe our offer is addictive and will lead to repetitive purchases.

The maximum number of learners depends on the plan you choose (see price plan above).

No. Access is tied to each learner individually. You have to make a new purchase if you want to include a new learner.

The cap ensures you get more for your money! You will not pay more than the total cap for any given plan, regardless of the number of learners included. Say you purchase the Gold plan ($99 per learner) for 40 learners, you will pay only $1,900 and not $3,960 (40 x $99) – that’s a price of $47,50 per learner or a 53% discount!

Courses will be made available for learners on the platform for a limited period of time, depending on the plan you choose. Purchasing a plan with longer availability ensures learners can go back to the course for a longer period of time. 

We organize webinars around each page of the pitch deck, one per week. They are recorded and made available for learners online. Webinars allow learners to interact with their professors and ask specific questions. Note that our integrated chatting and email tools allows learners to access teachers whenever they want, too.

The Diamond plan mixes offline and online learning, allowing a physical interaction with our teachers. We will organize, at a minimum, a kick-off session and a Graduating Seminar. During the Graduating Seminar, learners will pitch their full deck to our teacher. 

At the moment, the offline sessions are performed by our Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Aram Attar. Aram has over 18 years of work experience, including 13 years as a professional investor and advisor. He is a keen teacher, coach and startup pitch jury. Aram is a graduate of HEC Paris, the CEMS Alliance, and is preparing a Doctorate in Business Administration at Toulouse Business School.  

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have. Contact Us

Our clients say

"This is one of the best-rated course by our students. They love the fact that they can learn at their own pace, the interactions with the teacher and one another online, and the physical training on-campus."
Olivier bossard
Program Director, HEC Paris
"Great face-to-face sessions with our founders around fundraising and valuation. The trainings are always full of real-life examples and very lively."
philippe boiteux
Acceleration, Airbus Bizlab
"TytchMe courses are unique in that they not only explain why things should be done in a certain way, what investors expect. They also very practically help our founders improve their pitch decks."
Florent Pignal
Head of Acceleration, IOT Valley
"All our participants have extensive work experience and were really impressed by how they finally learned about venture capital in words they could understand."
eric jolivet
Program Director, TSM

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