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Contacting Investors (SMS)

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Using LinkedIn

Contacting investors on LinkedIn is one of the most frustrating tasks fundraising founders endure. The response rate is so low, it sometimes feels like a bottle sent at sea has more chances of getting found. 

At the other end, investors often complain of receiving too many messages from founders who don’t even do basic research on their investment strategy.

On top of a pull strategy designed to get investors to engage with you on the 600-million-member-strong platform (see link below), here is how you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to your advantage.

You will need to pay the subscription to use this tool. 

Let’s assume you are based in Austin, Texas, you are looking for a pre-seed investment by an angel investor, and your startup offers a B2B SaaS product.

The main steps are:

  1. Click on Advanced Search
  2. Pick “Search For Leads”
  3. Select the key parameters
    1. You can search by a much larger variety of parameters than the default LinkedIn Search
    2. We recommend keeping it to your 1st and 2nd degree to be able to get in touch later
    3. Tip: look for investors who have work experience in your industry, they may be more prone to learning about your solution to change that industry
    4. Refine or enlarge the search according to the number of results you obtain
    5. Make sure you use keywords suggested by LinkedIn, i.e., “business angel”, “seed investor”, “early-stage investor” for “angel investor”
  4. Save the leads so you can monitor their activity on LinkedIn, and comment on their posts

🗣 Have you tested this approach? What are the pros and cons you experienced? Any other tips to find investors on LinkedIn?

Let us know in the Comments section below.

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