What Is (Really) Venture Capital?

Learn the secrets of venture capital: how VCs make money, select deals, value startups, negotiate term sheets, and more. if you are a junior VC, a fundraising founder or a would-be VC candidate, this course was made for you. Unit 1: Introduction

Venture Capital has become a mature asset class. In 2018, VC investments hit a record $250+ billion worldwide, according to KPMG. As successful startups remain private longer, valuations soar, and mega-funds multiply, there has never been so much interest in venture capital. Yet, a surprisingly low number of people really understand how venture capital really works, whether it’s the right career path or funding source for them, and what tools venture capitalists use.

Our course titled “Becoming A Venture Capitalist” helps you make sense of venture capital. You will learn the latest trends in VC investing, become familiar with how VC firms work from the inside, and determine whether VC is for you – as a job, or as a financing source. 






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