Badge System – VC Pitch Deck

Hey there!

To make things more fun and competitive, we established a badge system on the platform.


What do I win?

There are four overall badges you can get at the end of the course: VC Pitch Deck.





PRO (70 Points) — Receive a Certificate of Completion

EXPERT (80 Points) — Certificate of Completion + Unlock Unit 8: Best Practices & Mistakes to Avoid

MASTER (90 Points) — EXPERT advantages + one-on-one videoconference with our Founder & Chief Learning Officer

GURU (100 Points) — MASTER advantages + choose one online course for free!


How do I earn points?

There are three ways to earn points.

1/ Course-related badges (“VC Pitch Deck Awards“)

Every time you complete one of the following actions, you earn points:

  • Unit completion: 5 points
  • Upload pitch deck page: 5 points
  • Quiz passed with 80% or more: 2 points

In this course there are 7 units (excluding Unit 8), 6 pages to upload and 6 quizzes (excluding Unit 1).

You can therefore earn 65 points by completing the course, and 77 points with all quizzes passed with a grade above 80%.

2/ Platform-related badges (“Social Awards“)

Every time you complete one of the following actions, you earn points:

  • 1 approved blog post: 1 point (1 time only)
  • 5 approved blog posts: 3 points (1 time only)
  • 10 approved comments: 3 points (3 times maximum)

You can therefore earn 13 points in total thanks to Social Awards.

In total, a learner completing all the above-mentioned steps can therefore get to the MASTER status or 90 points.

3/ Challenges (“Challenge Awards”)

In order to spice things up, we will launch time-limited challenges that will help you earn more points.

Check your TytchMe Academy inbox and your Group page regularly to find out what the challenges are!


Where can I see my points and badges?

Your points and badges are visible on the cover photo of your profile page, on the far right.

You can also click on Achievements (in your profile) to see the details of your badges.

Lastly, a summary of your achievements is visible on each Course presentation page.

The Leaderboard (ranked by number of points) can be found on the Members page.

Good luck collecting badges and points!


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