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Why You Should - Or Should Not - Join The TytchMe Academy

Traditionally, the ‘About Us” section of a website is where one displays the incredible stuff one did that will convince new users – You – to join as well.

In our world, it’s the number of startups we helped raise money (and the aggregate fundraising amount), the prestigious business schools where we teach, and the well-known venues and conferences we take part in.

We have our claim to fame, too, and will mention them in due course.

But there are two problems with that approach. Firstly, one could be the best investment professional out there, or a talented Founder, and suck at teaching and mentoring. Conversely, a business coach could possess all the soft skills and techniques in the world; if they’re not a subject expert, they are irrelevant.

As a budding entrepreneur (I’ve been an investor, advisor, and teacher for over fifteen years, but this whole adventure started only two years ago), I received two pieces of advice that changed my approach to how we do things here.

“They should not care how many people you have on the platform.”

In November 2019, I was invited to participate in the VIP Investors’ Day at the Web Summit, the largest tech conference in the world, according to Inc.com. (You will note the subtle name-dropping.) I met a wonderful gentleman named Kevin, a former edtech entrepreneur, active angel investor, and adjunct professor at Babson College.  

We got to talk, and I showed him some of my earlier online courses as well as our e-mentoring approach. Our platform’s user experience is largely inspired by HarvardX, undoubtedly the best online MBA-level learning experience out there. 

Kevin told me he was favorably impressed with what he saw and asked me what I was doing to grow the user base.

When I replied that I was holding off any meaningful B2B actions till there were at least 500 members enrolled, he brushed it all aside. “They should not care” meant that if the learning experience is good, it doesn’t matter how many people went through it.

What matters is whether the next user finds it compelling enough to pay for the service.

His comment really bolstered me. I knew for sure that close to 100% of the Founders, Aspiring VCs, and Students who went through the programs found them career-enhancing. (By the way, over 250 people have completed at least one program as of the date I’m writing these lines.) 

So, where does that leave you? There are at least three ways for you to evaluate whether my approach is the right one for you:

Live Streams are 30-minute deep dives into a specific topic such as Contacting Investors, Understanding How VC Funds Work, or Negotiating a Term Sheet;

The Pitch Fix is a 30-minute 1-on-1 video conference to challenge your pitch deck and discuss your fundraising strategy;

The Blog is comprised of original posts, mostly based on proprietary analyses, to decorticate a complex issue from all its angles. In line with the principles laid out below, I always provide sources so you can go further down the rabbit hole if you want.  

You should not only rely on others’ opinions to make your choice. A first-hand experience of my e-mentoring approach is possible through these venues. Then you can decide if you want to pay to get the full package.

“You are not a media.”

Like most inexperienced Founders, I quickly found myself refreshing my Google Analytics page several times a day for the occasional dopamine rush on vanity metrics. 

Let’s be clear, I’m both happy and proud of what we accomplished so far. Our viewership grows every month, viewers stay more on our website, and come back more often. Besides, they are more and more US-based (40%+ of our traffic since September 2020), which is no small feat for a Frenchie basically talking about techniques invented on the other side of the pond. Finally, we reach people in countries where Venture Capital is not so developed, and I’m quite pleased with that too. 

But that’s not what matters most. What Jason Lemkin meant when he said “You’re not a media” is that you should care less about how many people visit you than who does.

In our case, I never cease to be amazed by the profiles and careers of our viewers and learners. We’ve had close to 10,000 unique visitors on our website so far this year. I get to know who they are when they sign up to the Newsletter, post a comment, drop a line on social media, or join our community. Many of them are Founders, naturally, but we also have a lot of investors from all over the world, top-tier MBAs, large group executives, and actors of the startup ecosystem such as accelerator program leaders.

I try to systematically send them a thank-you note on LinkedIn when I can. It takes time to do, but I believe in the personal touch. 

That’s especially important given we’re an e-mentoring platform. The personalization of the experience is what matters to our clients.

This is why we are repositioning our programs to better satisfy that need.

Do our programs fit your needs? 

People learn in a lot of different ways. The two extremes of the learning continuum are represented by those who read a lot and need little or no interaction to acquire new skills; and, at the other extreme, those who don’t read at all and need oral teachings to grasp new concepts.

Chances are you are somewhere along that line.

Our approach aims at encompassing a large portion of that specter, but you need to be at ease with a few givens before you embark on this journey with us:

[To be continued]

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