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We aim for the absolute standard in world-class education: the MBA experience.

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We are experienced

Our teachers are active entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and advisors. They draw the course material from real-life situations. Most of them teach in world-class institutions.

We are social

Our learning platform allows learners to interact, share experiences and help each other. Engage other members for a better learning experience! You can also study in solo mode.

You will learn to do

We teach you not only to know but also to do. Our numerous quizzes and exercises make sure you assimilate new concepts & put them into practice. Learning by doing at its best!


Our learners are our best ambassadors!

An Amazing Experience

It was really an amazing experience, as I learned so much both from a VC and a founder’s aspect, while I had no relevant background. The course was really entertaining, not a traditional take notes-professor talks approach, it was a memorable learning experience and I had a lot of fun. The presentations at the very end were very interesting and gave us a taste of how a meeting between VC-entrepreneurs is, while we put all the theory we studied at work. Overall, the professor has put a ton of effort for this course and it can be clearly reflected on how much the whole class enjoyed it.

Ilias G.
HEC Paris

Unique Platform To Learn

TytchMe is one of the only online learning platforms that has a comprehensive, complementary course offering. If you are someone who learns best through interactive programs and wanted to explore the world of Entrepreneurial Finance, then TytchMe is the best place to start!

Grant S.
HEC Paris

It’s been great!

Arieh D.
HEC Paris

A Great Way To Learn About Venture Capital

Tytchme is a great way to learn more about Venture Capital and how to format your pitch deck! The videos are short and well made, you can do them whenever you have time, and the blog posts are a good way to express your opinions and topics you find relevant in the startup world!

Marion J.
HEC Paris

Really Satisfied

This learning method is new to me and I am really satisfied as I am approaching the end of the course!

Thanks to the self-paced course, I will never forget what I learned from it. Videos are accurate and focused on specific topics but very clear and not too lengthy: they catch your attention on the first second and you won’t get distracted by the surroundings at all, which was my biggest fear in the beginning!

Elena F.
HEC Paris

A Really Special Learning-By-Doing Experience

Tytchme gave me a really special and unique learning-by-doing experience, which let me experience the whole pitch process as if I was the CEO of my start-up.

Donglin H.
HEC Paris

Glad To Have Followed This Course!

TytchMe is a great tool to learn about entrepreneurial finance: whether you are a future startup founder or a VC analyst, TytchMe helps to understand how VC financing works, what VC firms seek in a startup, and brings a certain startup culture necessary to apprehend all of it! I’m really glad I’m following this course 🙂

Kimberly L.
HEC Paris

Great Content!

Great material and always room for further development through extra links to learn more

Javier D.
HEC Paris

Create A Powerful Pitch Deck!

Tytchme is a great course helping you create a powerful pitch deck by the end of it!

Jana H.
HEC Paris

Understand The Nuances of Venture Capital

The course has helped me to understand the nuances of VC in a very structured and clear manner. I enjoyed each and every unit.

Akhilesh V.
HEC Paris

Far Superior To Classroom Learning

The platform provides me with access to relevant material from diverse sources simultaneously, apart from letting me move to previous courses whenever I want to revisit a concept. This makes it far superior from what could have been achieved in a traditional classroom.

Zarmina A.
HEC Paris

Creative and Effective Platform

This is a creative and effective platform for those who are interested in VC and entrepreneurial finance, as you can adapt your own studying pace. The content is concise and to the point as well.

Meijun L.
HEC Paris

Really Enjoyed The Experience

I really enjoyed the process. Through engaging and fun process I learned a lot, not only how to approach this topic but it also helped me improve my research and analytical skills.

Aleksandra B.
HEC Paris

This Course Broadened My Perspective

The material on the platform is very well structured. I like examples of real companies. This helps to understand how the financials/slides look in practice. Also, I enjoy the videos to external lectures/speeches delivered by people from the VC/start-up industry. That has broadened my perspectives a lot since I learned about important surnames in the industry. Finally, I think that the recommended readings on this platform are very good and I will definitely take some time in my future to read them.

Jakub G.
HEC Paris

Rich, Modern And Fun Learning Experience

It’s a very rich learning experience: modern and fun! I hope this will help me raise at least EUR 500,000.

If so, I will come back to post!!!

Julien S.
Startup Founder

High-Quality Content In Various Formats

High-quality content in various formats (video, articles, quizzes…)!
Easy to understand and easy to remember!
A lot of references and links to videos, podcasts, articles, sites & other publications and training courses.
Well done

Francois F.
Company Executive

Helped Me Improve My First Pitch Deck

Very useful! It helped me a lot to improve my first pitch deck and to understand essential notions that were unclear for me.

Guillaume B.
Startup Founder

Online Courses

We add new courses regularly. Apply here to be invited to do them.

Master The Elevator Pitch

Become an expert at delivering a 30-second elevator pitch of your startup to potential investors.  Learn how to make busy business angels or venture capitalists want to know more about you and your company.

Next Starting Date: All Year Round (Self-Learning)

Duration: 5 hours

Deliverable: 30-second Elevator Pitch (Financial Investors Format)

Create A VC-Ready Pitch Deck

Impress venture capital investors with a presentation that stands out. Produce a 6-page pitch deck that says all that VCs need to know about your startup, and makes them want to know more. Course divided in 8 successive units.

Next Starting Date: July 12, 2019 (Apply now!)

Duration: 2-3 hours per week for 6 weeks

Deliverable: 6-10 Page Pitch Deck (Financial Investors Format)

Becoming A Venture Capitalist

Learn the secrets of venture capital: how VCs make money, select deals, value startups, negotiate term sheets, and more. if you are a junior VC, a fundraising founder or a would-be VC candidate, this course was made for you.

Next Starting Date: July 2019

Duration: 2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks

Deliverable: 6-10 Page Pitch Deck (Financial Investors Format)

Startup Financials and Valuation

Learn how to build cash flow forecasts that matter to you, and the financial investors you are meeting. Cash burn, runway, fume date, and round size will have no secrets for you! Value your startup not to scare VCs away.

Next Starting Date: September 2019

Duration: 2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks

Deliverable: Income Statement and Cash Flow Forecast (Financial Investors Format)

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